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Terms and Conditions

Wi4Go Lease Agreement

concluded between

Strong and Unique Limited Liability Company
Headquarters: 1037 Budapest, Csillagszem Street 15.
Company registration number: Cg.01-09-701179
Tax identification number: 12740837-2-41
hereinafter referred to as: WI4GO -


User, indicated in the 1.1 paragraph of the first Appendix of the agreement
hereinafter referred to as: User

collectively referred to as Parties or contracting Parties

created in the purpose of rental and operational support of 
a mobile wi-fi router device

hereinafter referred to as: Device - .

Please note, that the present Agreement may contain conditions that can be significantly different from the usual contractual practices, as well as from the regulations relating to the Agreement and from the terms used formerly between the parties.
By signing the present Agreement, and by using any of the defined products contained, the User approves the cognizance of this admonitory information and the explicit acceptance of all conditions, including these possibly distinct ones. Please read the present Agreement very carefully!

I. explanatory provisions

I. 1. Determinations:

A. „Agreement” refers to the present Hardware lease Agreement after coming into force, including all subsequent written amendments and appendices, based on a mutual consensus of both Parties.

B. „User” refers to that natural person and end user, who enters into the present Agreement with WI4GO.

C. „Provider” refers to the telecommunications provider (Telenor Hungary), who – according to the third Appendix of the present Agreement – provides the mobile internet data transfer service.

D. „Device” refers to a ZTE MF60 mobile wi-fi router with parameters determined in the second Appendix of the present Agreement.

E. „Own usage” refers to the usage of the Device by the User, only for own (not for commercial, sales, etc.) purposes. Own usage does not contain the transmission of the whole Device, any part or any accessory software of it to a third party for any kind of purposes, therefore in case, it is considered improper usage against destination.

F. „WI4GO Sales Point” refers to retail premises, located in the areas of Terminal 2/A and 2/B in the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

G. „Ptk” refers to Act No. IV. of 1959 on the Civil Code of the Hungarian Republic.

I.2. Appendices:

First Appendix: User data
Second Appendix: Hardware specification
Third Appendix: Data traffic service specification
Fourth Appendix: Terms of payment
Fifth Appendix: User description

II. Terms of the Agreement

The present Agreement has been created between the User and WI4GO, on the purpose of renting a mobile wi-fi router Device, and lays down those rights and obligations concerning payment terms, amendments of the Agreement, beginning and end of the service, and other circumstances related to the service, which entitle and impose the Parties.

II. 1. Purpose of the Agreement

The purpose of the present Agreement is to enable WI4GO to lease mobile wi-fi routers and provide related services to the User, according to terms laid down in the present agreement. Mobile wi-fi routers can be taken over at the assigned WI4GO retail premises at the airport (WI4GO Sales Point). According to the Agreement, the User has the right to rent and use the mobile wi-fi router(s), owned and registered by WI4GO. Data transfer services related to the mobile wi-fi router are provided by Telenor Hungary telecommunications Provider to the client.

II. 2. Rights and Obligations of the User

2.1. The User declares, that the Device was viewed and tested in the place of takeover, it was in good condition and was able to function. Undertakes, the she/he will use and store the Device with expectable care all the time. The User is liable for returning the Device - with all its belonging accessories and packages specified in the first Appendix - in the same working order as it was handed on receipt. The User is liable for indicating to WI4GO immediately if perceiving any kind of malfunction or error on the Device upon receipt, or afterwards.

2.2. The User does not have the right for any reason to sublet the Device, give or allow in any manner to a third party to use it either temporarily or permanently, since these acts cannot be considered Own usage, therefore result the loss of deposit and the blocking of the SIM card by WI4GO.

2.3. The User has the right to use the Device only in Hungary. Any kind of usage outside Hungary is considered improper usage, therefore resulting immediate forfeiture of the User’s caution and blocking of the SIM-card by WI4GO. Furthermore, the User has to recompense each damage coming into existence as a result of improper usage.

II. 3. Charges and terms of payment

Charges can be found in the fourth Appendix, which is an inseparable Appendix of the present Agreement. Rental fee of the Device has to be paid on a daily basis. On the first and last day of lease, a whole daily amount has to be paid irrespective of the beginning or end of usage during the day.

The User is liable for paying the whole amount of the rental period (determined in the second section of the first Appendix, marked by the user and accepted by both Parties), even if he/she takes over the Device later or returns it back earlier than marked.

Charges determined in the fourth Appendix are expressed and payable in EUR, namely in euro.

Payment is possible with a Euro denominated bank account through a credit card reader terminal in the WI4GO Sales Point after the expiry of rental, at the same time when returning back the Device. The amount has to be paid immediately by the User after getting an invoice issued by WI4GO. This invoice is also sent to the User’s email address, given in the first Appendix.

II. 4. Term of the lease

4.1. Minimum rental period of the Device is one day, namely 24 hours. The daily rental fee lasts from 00:00 to 24:00. On the last day of the lease (indicated in the second section of the first Appendix), the User is required to return back the Device to the WI4GO Sales Point until 19:00 at the latest.

4.2. If the User intends to extend the predetermined rental period, this purpose has to be indicated to WI4GO at latest one working day before the expiry of the term, until noon. In this case, the first Appendix of the present Agreement is modified by the Parties, thus the caution and the rental fee will be higher in direct proportion to the extension.


II. 5. Safety regulations, caution

When rendering the registration on the Internet, or in default of this action at the time of signing the present Agreement, the User assumes to pay or transfer a caution to WI4GO, which is completely separate from the rental charges.

The caution has got security purposes, in case of loss, larceny, disappearance or the damage of the Device during the rental period. The User takes objective responsibility for the Device. If the User does not return back the Device until the deadline specified in section II.4.1. for any reason, or if it is not in the same condition with all the belonging accessories and packaging as it was upon receipt, the Device will be considered lost, resulting immediate loss of the caution. In this case, the User has the right to reclaim back the caution only if it is proven, that the Device was unable to function, had malfunctions or was in a different condition after the return for such reason that had already been existed upon receipt.

In case of functional and flawless return of the Device in the same condition as it was upon receipt, Strong &Unique Ltd. is liable for liberating the whole amount of the caution immediately and transferring it back to the User’s bank account.

At the end of the rental period, the User is liable for returning back the Device to the WI4GO Sales Point in person. WI4GO blocks the SIM-cards of those devices that haven’t been returned until the deadline, at latest when the rental period ends, furthermore, WI4GO is entitled to keep the caution paid for these devices.

The User is liable for reporting the loss, theft or damage of the Device immediately, in the following customer service number: +36 20 363 3333

After the notification, WI4GO immediately ensures the blocking of the missing device’s SIM-card. The User is fully and indefinitely responsible for all damages arisen before the notification, or as a result of missing or late notification.

II. 6. Warranty

6.1. The User acknowledges, that he/she can use his/her rights to the warranty, if the fact can be proven, that the Device was unable to function, had malfunctions or was in a different condition after the return for such reason that had already been existed upon receipt. In this case, warranty rights of the User are limited. In such cases, WI4GO provides a replacement device till the end of the rental period. Concerning the compensation for those days without having a device during the rental period, WI4GO provides either discount from the price, or extends the length of the rental period with the number of lost days, for free.

The User assumes to exempt WI4GO from all responsibilities, claims, sequels or damages, coming into being as a result of improper usage by the User.

6.2. The User is entitled to dispute the charges validated in the credit card terminal or from the caution by WI4GO, but this can legally be done within 30 days from the date of the charges borne. The legal dispute can be considered initiated, if the User formally announces this claim to WI4GO. Announcing the claim to the credit card provider does not count as a complaint.

II. 7. Customer service

WI4GO provides a customer service related to the usage of the Device, in order to notify any malfunctions. The service can be reached in the following phone number: +3620 363 3333 from Monday to Sunday between 7AM and 11PM.

WI4GO receives the User’s observations and suggestions concerning the usage of the Device in the following email address: bud@wi4go.com .


II. 8. Personal identification

The User acknowledges that WI4GO has the right to check the identity of the natural person, who takes over the Device. The User is liable for proving his/her identity with showing an appropriate document (passport, ID card, driving license) at the time of the takeover.

II. 9. Privacy notice, protection of personal data

1. Without a previous written permission, neither of the Parties (recipient Party) has the right to inform a third party about any information or data relating to the employee, security, facilities, products, processes and to share any technical, financial or commercial information or data that were given in any form by the other Party (exploratory Party) in accordance with the Agreement or relating to it, and do not have the possibility to use these information for other purposes than defined in the Agreement. The above mentioned restriction does not refer to such information,

(A) that was possessed by the recipient Party prior to the notification of the Agreement; or

(B) that was already known at the time of the notification of the Agreement or became known later, without breaching the obligation of secrecy; or

(C) that was evolved independently by the employee of the recipient Party without having any access to the information

(D) that has a legislation or final court decision for disclosure

2. WI4GO restricts the access of the User’s personal data for those from the employee, who reasonably need these information in order to accomplish the Agreement. These members of the employee are obliged to secrecy in a written form, as determined in the Agreement.

3. Irrespective of the above stated facts, neither of the Parties are entitled for taking responsibility for the other Party, if the other Party imparts these information in any unauthorized manner, if it can be proved, that the he/she acted as carefully – at least with a reasonable prudence - in protecting these information as he/she used to do when protecting his/her own private information and business secrets.

4. Regulations of the present chapter are binding for the Parties for five (5) years from the day of imparting the information with them, irrespective of the fact, that the Agreement may be ceased, terminated, or accomplished.

5. Concerning the transmission and handling of the User’s personal data, the Parties agree on practicing the regulations of the CXII. law of 2011 about the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information. Related to these data, WI4GO is obliged to introduce and maintain appropriate and adequate privacy and guarding provisions. WI4GO can use and handle these data to an extent necessary to properly fulfil its obligations according to the Agreement. WI4GO is obliged to handle these data confidentially, and does not share them with a third party. Concerning the User’s petition for the cancellation or modification of his/her data, WI4GO is obliged to proceed according to the regulations of the law regarding personal data under WI4GO’s control and authority.

II. 10. Miscellaneous provisions

The Agreement contains the whole consensus between the Parties regarding the subject of the Agreement, and from the day when the Agreement enters into force, all other correspondences, memos, Record of Discussions, offers, quotations and other documents that were previously made or used by the Parties, are repealed. Furthermore the Agreement repeals all previous arrangements that may have been made by the Parties regarding the subject of the Agreement, therefore, there is no need to abolish them severally.

The Law of Hungary, especially the regulations of the Civil Code refer to those questions the present Agreement does not regulate. Amendments or modifications in the Agreement are valid only in a written form, together with the signature of both Parties.

The Parties aim to resolve all disputes or disagreements between each other concerning the Agreement through direct negotiations in the first instance. If the negotiations do not seem to be effective, the Parties designate that the law court of WI4GO’s headquarters has exclusive jurisdiction.

If any regulation in the Agreement would be proved invalid as a consequence of impugnment, or null according to legislation in force, then it does not affect the remaining parts. The invalid part of the Agreement is automatically replaced by statutory provisions in force, if the Parties would have been entered into an contract without the invalid part as well.

If either of the Parties does not insist on strictly fulfilling the terms of the Agreement, or practicing any of the laws, legal redresses or elections determined in the Agreement, in one or more cases, it does not mean that he/she will hereafter desist from his/her claims, renounce to fulfil the same term or practice the same law. Renouncement of any rights arising from the Agreement, or relating to the Agreement is valid only in case of having a written declaration made specifically for this purpose.

After having read and understood, the contracting Parties, with their mutual consent given, have signed the present Agreement.



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