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Hotline: +36 1 799 8400 | BUD@wi4go.com
  • Unlimited Wireless Internet in your pocket

  • Forget worries about data roaming costs

  • Low daily rental rate & Flexible options


Service FAQ

  • Q. Where can I use the Internet?
    A. The service works only in Hungary!
  • Q. Will you charge me in HUF?
    A. You can either pay in EUR or HUF. However, the service has to be paid with credit card and you are able to pay with cards on other currency base (e.g. US Dollar based credit card).

  • Q. Are there any other fees other than the daily rate to connect to the Internet, or are all costs associated with the Internet included?
    A. Our daily rate is all-inclusive. There are no other charges for accessing the Internet.

  • Q. Can I pay in cash?
    A. Sure! Cash or Credit cards are also accepted.

  • Q. Can I see your detailed Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?
    A. Yes, they are available here and here.