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Privacy and Fair Policy

This privacy and fair policy sets out how Wi4Go uses and protects any information that you give when using this website. This document declares the undertakings by Wi4Go in relation to its handling of Customer Data's.

Wi4Go is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, and then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.
Wi4Go may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 01, APRIL, 2014.

Data Collection

Wi4Go undertakes to collect Customer Data by means that are:
  • fair
  • legal
  • transparent

If you visit Wi4Go.com your web-browser automatically discloses, and our web-server automatically logs, the following information:

  • the date and time,
  • the IP address from which you issued the request,
  • the type of browser and operating system you are using,
  • the URL of any page that referred you to the page,
  • the URL you requested, and whether your request was successful

This data may or may not be sufficient to identify you.
Any additional data that your web-browser automatically provides may also be logged.

If you disclose personal data to Wi4Go in conjunction with an identifier such as your name or your credit-card details, Wi4Go will collect Customer Data. Moreover, any data that becomes available to Wi4Go through any of the means described in the preceding paragraphs may be able to be associated with that identifier, and hence become Customer Data.
Subject to the qualifications immediately below, Wi4Go undertakes to collect Customer Data from you and not from other parties. This undertaking is qualified as follows:

  • where Wi4Go reasonably considers that the protection of its financial interests requires that it gather Customer Data from other sources, or from additional sources. This applies in particular where Wi4Go has a lending exposure to you, and seeks information about your creditworthiness;
  • where Wi4Go reasonably considers that its capability to deliver quality services to you will be materially enhanced by gathering Customer Data from other sources. This applies in particular to consumer profile data.

Where Wi4Go collects Customer Data from sources other than you, it undertakes:

  • to do so only by legal means
  • to do so only with your Consent
  • to declare to you what sources it uses
  • under what circumstances

Wi4Go undertakes to declare the purpose of collection in a manner which is clear and meaningful, and to avoid vague, highly inclusive statements such as 'to support our operations.

Data Security

Wi4Go undertakes to store Customer Data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorized access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity.

Wi4Go undertakes to transmit Customer Data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorized access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity.

Wi4Go undertakes to implement appropriate measures to ensure security of Customer Data against inappropriate behavior by Wi4Go staff-members and contractors.

Data Use

Use refers to the application of Customer Data by any part of Wi4Go, or any staff-member or contractor of Wi4Go in the course of their work.

Wi4Go undertakes to use Customer Data only for:

  • the purposes for which it was collected,
  • such other purposes as are subsequently agreed between Wi4Go and Customer
  • such additional purposes as may be required by law. In these circumstances, Wi4Go will take any reasonable steps available to it to communicate to Customer that the use has occurred, unless it is precluded from doing so by law
  • such additional purposes as are authorized by law (in particular to protect Wi4Go interests, e.g. if it believes on reasonable grounds that Customer have failed to fulfill your undertakings to Wi4Go or have committed a breach of the criminal law).

This undertaking is qualified as follows:

  • Customer Data may be retained in Wi4Go logs, backups and audit trails within short-term retention cycles that are devised to protect the company's operations. In such cases, Customer Data will be destroyed in accordance with those cycles,
  • Customer Data may be retained beyond the expiry of its purpose if that is required by law, such as a provision of a statute, or a court order such as a search warrant or subpoena, or a warning by a law enforcement agency that delivery of a court order is imminent.


Wi4Go declares that its undertakings in these Terms are intended to create legal obligations, and that those obligations are intended to be enforceable under appropriate laws in appropriate jurisdictions. These include laws relating to data protection, privacy, fair trading, corporations and criminal laws.

Customer undertake to seek enforcement only in a jurisdiction that is relevant to the transactions that have taken place between Customer and Wi4Go, in particular the jurisdiction in which you live or in which you performed the relevant acts, and the jurisdiction in which Wi4Go is domiciled or performed the relevant acts in Hungary.


Wi4Go - the operator of this service.
Customer Data - means data that is capable of being associated with you, whether or not it includes an explicit identifier such as your name or customer number.

Consent - means your concurrence with an action to be taken by Wi4Go. Consent may be express or implicit, but in either case must be informed and freely-given.

Fair Use of Internet (AUP - Acceptable Use Policy)

Please note that you are obliged to keep all rules and regulations that the local law determine regarding Fair Use of Internet in Hungary. You are not allowed to use the Wi4Go Internet connection for any illegal purposes.

Our AUP states that you agree to adhere to the following stipulations:

  • Not using the service as part of violating any law
  • Not attempting to break the security of any computer network or user
  • Not posting commercial messages to Usenet groups without prior permission
  • Not attempting to send junk e-mail or spam to anyone who doesn't want to receive it
  • Not attempting to mail bomb a site with mass amounts of e-mail in order to flood their server